Drupal 7

How to create an 'about the author' block in Drupal 7 using views.

If you've ever created a site with multiple authors and wanted to automatically display some information about the author on the posts written by that author, it's pretty easy to implement using views in Drupal 7. Below is a quick tutorial on how to accomplish this. 

How to override a theme function in Drupal 7

When I first started playing around with drupal I was amazed by all the ways that modules could change the behavior, and extend the functionality of my sites. It seemed like no matter what I wanted to do there was always a module (or three) that would allow me to do it. After using Drupal for a while though, I realized that for some things, I didn't always need all the extra functionality that would come with the modules I was using.

How to create a site in Acquia Dev Desktop from a .yaml makefile

Did you know that with a single drush command, you can create a new drupal site with any modules or themes you want? The command is 'drush make' and it accepts 2 arguments: 'makefile' and 'buildpath'. All you need to get started is a working installation of Acquia Dev Desktop which you can get here.

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